Jellyfeet™ are occlusive protective foot cover created for both Health & Fitness. The patent-pending solution provides freedom of movement while offering protection from risks that would negatively impact your feet.


Jellyfeet™ are reusable, multi use products that offer protection, aid in treatment, and enhance moisturization.

The unique, patent-pending solution offers freedom of movement while protecting your feet from dirt, debris, moisture and other risks that would negatively impact your feet. Leading podiatrists recommend Jellyfeet™ to their patients for treating many foot issues that require an occlusive wrap or cover to further enhance and penetrate medicines, topical creams, and oils. Jellyfeet™ also provide protection for your feet. They are water-resistant, comfortable, sleek, durable, and provide compression to your feet.

The startup company launched the sale of Jellyfeet™ in 2015 and continues to expand and partner with other foot care professionals in both the Health and Fitness Industries.


Men, women, and children of all ages can use Jellyfeet™ 365 days a year.

Jellyfeet™ are podiatrist approved and come highly recommended by top leaders in foot care. Our reusable foot covers offer foot hydration by allowing users to apply their favorite moisturizers and medications to their feet while helping with penetration and absorption. Jellyfeet™ also protect the feet. They can be worn indoors or outdoors, over socks, stockings, or barefoot. Jellyfeet™ are made for short-term foot hydration, moisturization, and protection. Other unique features include comfort, compression, and water-resistance.

Because they are water resistant and impermeable to lotions and creams, they are able to keep any ointment, topical medication, or lotion on your foot. This makes them the perfect complementary solution to help the foot completely absorb any treatments necessary to heal foot complications. These newly improved foot covers are non-allergenic and their durability allows them to be used repeatedly indoors and outdoors.


Jellyfeet™ can be used for moisturizing, hydrating, and protecting their feet.

Jellyfeet™ occlusive foot covers can be used for anything from working out to walking in a hotel room, walking through airport security, yoga practice, moisturizing, post foot surgery wrap, enhancement of medicines for the foot, treating athlete’s foot, plantar warts, toenail fungus, and more.

Jellyfeet™ give their users a slight compression to the entirety of the foot, but does not cut off blood circulation. They serve as a barrier between your skin and the dirt or other harmful agents on the ground. After wearing them, a simple hand wash with soap and water returns them to their original, clean state. A little addition of talc or baby powder make them smooth and easy to slip back on the foot for another use.


For anyone who is looking for freedom of movement in their everyday activities or just looking for protection from environments or harmful bacteria, Jellyfeet™ is for you!

Podiatrists, Foot & Ankle Specialists, and Compounding Pharmacies recommend Jellyfeet™ to their patients for treating accommodative and orthopedic foot issues that require an occlusive covering of the foot to further enhance and penetrate any medications prescribed by them.

Jellyfeet™ is a great solution for people who suffer from poor circulation of their feet, ankles and legs, ingrown toenails, corns and calluses, hammer toes, bunions, and more.

Like socks

We want your feet to be more than comfortable while wearing Jellyfeet™!

To improve blood flow

Your feet should be healthy! Wearing Jellyfeet™ will assist in maintaining your foot health.

For dry feet

You should never walk around with wet feet. Jellyfeet™ helps keep your feet dry!

Keep your feet from danger

Jellyfeet™ help protect your feet from dangerous and harmful elements, keeping your feet clean and healthy!

Jellyfeet™ Size-Fit Guarantee


Jellyfeet™ proudly offer three sizes for adults: 

Small, Medium, and Large.

For your conveniences, we have a size chart available below to help you select the right size for your feet. The sizes are based on your shoe size, so if you are a person that has size-11 shoes, you will want to order a size Large Jellyfeet™. This will be the most appropriate size as it will be easy to slip on and off without constricting your foot movements.

Jellyfeet™ are made from a material that is very flexible, so there are some people who could use either Medium or Large sized Jellyfeet™. Some people will prefer more tight fitting/compression for the activities while using Jellyfeet such as yoga, barefoot running, working out, or more. Others will find this uncomfortable, but no worry!

We offer a Size-Fit Guarantee.

If you do not like how your Jellyfeet™ fit on your feet, we will send you replacement of different size, no questions asked! The only thing we ask of you is to gift your pair that did not fit to a friend, family member, co-worker, construction worker, bartender, cab driver…. or anyone really!


“Jellyfeet™ are fun, fantastic, and affordable –

They help me to help my patients with skin care issues.”

Teresa Alpert

Certified Orthotist, Pedorthist, PMAc


Learn how to properly take care and maintain your Jellyfeet™!

Question 1

How do I clean and reuse my Jellyfeet?

We recommend washing your Jellyfeet™ with lukewarm water and soap and air-drying. We also found that adding baby powder inside the products help promote multiple uses. Other foot powders may be effective like any kind of medications, foot powders, foot creams, and topical emolients.

If taken care of properly, you should be able to use your Jellyfeet™ over 166 times! (tested while using product indoors, carpeted flooring).

Question 2

Can Jellyfeet be worn both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, Jellyfeet™ are made to work in multiple environments. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach and need to protect your feet from sand, enjoying a spa day with your friends in communal areas, experiencing a yoga class, walking through airport security, or in need of immediate high heel relief, Jellyfeet™ reusable foot protectors does it all.

Jellyfeet™ can be worn indoors, outdoors, 365 days a year promoting freedom of movement, flexibility, compression, comfort, and protection.

Question 3

Can I wear Jellyfeet over my socks or shoes?

Yes, you can wear Jellyfeet over your socks! Not your shoes, some people have asked.

By doing this, you may feel additional warmth and comfort. They can also be worn over stockings, leggings, or simply over your bare feet. Best all, you can apply your favorite moisturizers, lotions, essential oils, foot powders and more inside of them! Jellyfeet™ helps prevent dry, crack, and rough feet.

Question 4

Can Jellyfeet™ replace a shoe and prevent sharp objects from entering your feet?

Jellyfeet™ are not meant to replace shoes, but more or less socks as foot covers. Think of gloves for your hands when working, their sole purpose is to prevent your hands from getting exposed to debris, or material that could negatively impact your hands.

Jellyfeet™ are protection for your feet, meant to be used on-the-go, short-term situations like doing yoga, traveling through airport security, at the pool or sauna, and around the public areas where it is required for you to remove your shoes. In these cases, you can put on our foot covers over your socks or stockings to prevent them from getting dirty or wet.

Question 5

What size is right for me?

Currently we have sizes 5-12+ for men and sizes 6 to 14+ for women.

We plan to produce more sizes for adults as well as kids. Sign up for our newsletter to find out when they will be available. Be sure to check out our size chart on our website for more information on finding your size.

Question 6

Where can I buy Jellyfeet?

Jellyfeet™ are available online at our Online Shop!

We also sell Gel Bunion Toe Spreader to relieve your foot pains!

Question 7

Can I buy Jellyfeet in bulk?

Yes! For larger orders, pricing, and wholesale opportunities, please contact us at: info@jellyfeet365.com

Question 8

Can I have my doctor recommend Jellyfeet?

Absolutely! The best recommendation that we would suggest is to simply ask your doctor or primary health provider to offer you Jellyfeet™.

Currently, Jellyfeet™ can be found in a few compounding pharmacies within Minneapolis. We are continuing to gain the support of Doctors of Podiatry as we work to spread the word about Jellyfeet™.

If you have more questions