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Are you interested in opportunity to work with Jellyfeet™? We strongly believe in our products and are open to partnering up for interesting business opportunities to expand our reach.


  • Experienced with Medical & Health products
  • Nationwide selling / distribution capabilities
  • Must have interest in working with innovative products
  • Be able to work with hospitals, clinics, podiatrists, foot and ankle clinics, etc.


  • Do you have experience selling new, innovative products to hospitals, clinics, podiatrists, foot and ankle specialists or others? 
  • What regions do you sell into? (state, region, national, international)
  • What is a typical sales volume for product similar to this?
  • How big is your sales team and what type of training do they have?

Please give us an example of a successful sales story and upload a capabilities sheet or any relevant file in JPG, PNG, PDF, or DOC format. 

 Don’t be afraid to send us your story! We operate out of Minnesota, so please get in touch with us by filling out the required fields to send us your message. You can also get in touch with us by either phone or email.


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