All-Purpose Foot Covers


Introducing the occlusive protective foot cover inspired for both Health & Fitness. The patent-pending solution provides freedom of movement while offering protection from risks that would negatively impact your feet.

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  •   I was given a pair of JellyFeet as a gift and I was so surprised how comfortable they are! Love that I can wear them so many places.

    thumb Laurel Lundeby Hanlon

      I would love to try this product! Highly recommended by a knowledgable and trustworthy source! Would love these for an airport or traveling.

    thumb Lauren Mars

      What an idea! I tried out my first pair of Jellyfeet and I'm sold. They're very comfortable and I plan on wearing them to yoga as well as throwing them in my suitcase when I travel. I also like the idea that they're reusable. I will definitely recommend them.

    thumb Patti Bettiga
  •   So comfy! I wear mine in my basement doing laundry, in the ocean or lake when I go on vacation, also around my house. So durable and worth it!

    thumb Tyler Rose

      What an awesome idea! I can't wait to try them out!

    thumb Sandy Chanen

      Sounds like something I would be greatly interested in giving a try as soon as possible

    thumb Sam Stecker
  •   AMAZING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    thumb Kemal Jr Malicbegovic

      I have been wearing Jellyfeet for the last 2 months as a gift from my daughter. At first, they look different and very colourful, hip for the younger kids. But I have extremely dry feet, especially on my big toe and the pads of my toes, really thick toe nails and Plantar Fasciitis, so I get pain on my feet constantly. Taking care of my feet is at the top of my priorities, but it can be difficult as a Mother and working all the time. I enjoy putting cream on my feet after a long day at work, and putting on Jellyfeet. It also reminds me to do my feet stretches and exercises that the doctor advised for the Plantar Fasciitis, especially when I've got my pink Jellyfeet on. My feet are softer, and I don't have to file them as much as I use to! Makes doing a pedicure a lot easier as well as taking care of my feet much more easier. I can't see my self without Jellyfeet and I also will make sure to buy Jellyfeet for my 2 other daughters.

    thumb Selma Nangir

      Super cool product, would love to try them sometime!

    thumb Catherine Marie Christian
  •   For YEARS I've always run into problems when walking barefoot due to my high arches, sharp pains, soreness etc. The day I found Jellyfeet was the day christ was my eyes...anyway such a great product and would recommend them to anyone anywhere. I CANNOT wait to get my hands on the 2.0 pair in CAROLINA BLUE in june! TRUCK YEAH!

    thumb Chase Haller

      I wear mine at my office when I want to give my feet a break. They are a lot more comfortable than I thought they would be, and definitely come in handy for my long days at work.

    thumb Alma Sacic

      I am super happy with my new Jellyfeet! I have now had the chance to do a workout class in them, they allowed me to still have that barefoot feeling along with some protection! Also, great for post workout moisturizing. Put some lotion on your feet then your Jellyfeet, it will do wonders!

    thumb Carly Telander
  •   Just recently tried these at home. They are very comfortable and I can't wait to try them at yoga class too!

    thumb Germaine Bettiga

      Anticipating the release of this very simple product of which I plan to use at the temple. Professor Dave Mehta

    thumb Dave Mehta

      Love this product! Great idea, new and innovative everyone should give it a try!

    thumb Courtney Miller
  •   Love it

    thumb Steph SuperbWisdom Gibson

      This was a great idea. Can't wait to try them out in the locker room.

    thumb Kevin Bakken

      My girlfriend got me a pair of Jellyfeet, and at first, they sat in its bag for a month because I didn't know how to use them. My girlfriend reminded me of the Jellyfeet after a long day hiking outdoors and so we both put our Jellyfeet on to relax, and we've been wearing it consistently since. They're definitely different looking, especially as a guy that doesn't take too much time attending to my feet. When I put them on at first, they did pull at the hair on my ankle so I complained to my girlfriend that it wouldn't. When she told me to wear them while sitting down or relaxing, and putting cream on BEFORE the Jellyfeet ... well let's just say its a great way to get my girlfriend to give me a foot massage. I'm like most guys, I don't take care of my feet as much as I should. But Jellyfeet is a great reminder to take care of your feet.

    thumb Nimrod Shwartz
  •   What a lovely product, I love my JellyFeet!! A must purchase!

    thumb Michael Fecho

      Jellyfeet are lightweight and super convenient for traveling. I recently brought them on a bike camping trip and they proved to be very comfortable. I wore my Jellyfeet around camp, while swimming and in the facility showers to protect against any funk. When filled with water, they feel jelly-like and this was actually really soothing after long days on the bike. Jellyfeet are a unique product that you will have people asking about and it feels good to recommend something so versatile and useful!

    thumb Sara Chars

      These look like the perfect answer to my sad feet. Can't wait to give them a try.

    thumb Sherri Chanen
  •   Love these! Can't wait to purchase a pair of my own

    thumb Lori Hilgendorf

      These are great! Flying first class with these guys on makes the free champagne taste even better!

    thumb Kyle Skyer

      Love my jelly feet! I wear them when I'm at my desk in the office and every day on my drive home- they're so cute and comfy and don't take up any room in my work bag! Also make my trips to my community laundry room in my apartment building much less traumatic- can't wait to try them out at the airport next time I travel too!

    thumb Maia Jean
  •   They are great to wear inside my boots. They are very comfy to wear around the house instead of socks.

    thumb Jayne Kapsh

      Wow such a cool idea! Where can I get a pair?!???!

    thumb Kathleen Gildea

      Really cool product! It was very interesting and fun!

    thumb Sevy Gondeck
  •   Love my Jellyfeet!! Wear them around the house or at the gym. Ingenious!!

    thumb Deepak Nath

      Sounds like an amazing product! Would love to try it!

    thumb Dana Borillo

      Surprisingly cute and comfortable! These would have been nice in the dorm rooms.

    thumb Brooke Bakken
Like socks

We want your feet to be more than comfortable while wearing Jellyfeet™!

To improve blood flow

Your feet should be healthy! Wearing Jellyfeet™ will assist in maintaining your foot health.

For dry feet

You should never walk around with wet feet. Jellyfeet™ helps keep your feet dry!

Keep your feet from danger

Jellyfeet™ helps protect your feet from dangerous and harmful elements, keeping your feet clean and healthy!

All the Places You Will Go!
Jellyfeet™ takes on Chicago!

“I recommend Jellyfeet™ for Warts, Athlete’s foot, and Toe-nail fungus. It is also great at protecting your entire family from shared communicable risks that your feet are exposed to everyday.”

Dr. Tanisha Richmond

Expert Podiatrist and Medical Advisor of Jellyfeet™


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