Our dads deserve the best of the best. Instead of giving him yet another tie or even more tools, how about giving him his very own pair of Jellyfeet? Jellyfeet

CEO and founder of Jellyfeet, Ron Wright, participated in the BattleFrog Race in Minneapolis, MN on May 21. Wright wore Jellyfeet throughout the course of the race. “I was glad

On June 13th, the CEO and Founder of Jellyfeet, Ron Wright, will be representing Jellyfeet on Dr. Richmond’s talk show. The piece will air at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

TJ Hutchins is a former Correctional Officer for the correctional facility in Stillwater, MN. After working there for five years, Hutchins is very knowledgeable about occurrences inside the prison walls.

Jellyfeet has teamed up with Cara’s All Natural Products to provide one of the best combinations for your feet. Cara’s Ultra Rich Rosemary Cream helps keep the skin soft, beautiful,

Sandra Robinson is the definition of a successful woman. Starting her career in front of a camera with acting roles, Robinson went on to be a radio show host, a

When your feet are acting up, they are trying to tell you something. Most of the pain or abnormalities in feet are a result of a problem somewhere in the