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Are you interested in opportunity to work with Jellyfeet™? We strongly believe in our products and are open to partnering up for interesting business opportunities to expand our reach.


  • Experienced with Medical & Health products
  • Nationwide selling / distribution capabilities
  • Must have interest in working with innovative products
  • Be able to work with hospitals, clinics, podiatrists, foot and ankle clinics, etc.


  • Do you have experience selling new, innovative products to hospitals, clinics, podiatrists, foot and ankle specialists or others? 
  • What regions do you sell into? (state, region, national, international)
  • What is a typical sales volume for product similar to this?
  • How big is your sales team and what type of training do they have?

Please give us an example of a successful sales story and upload a capabilities sheet or any relevant file in JPG, PNG, PDF, or DOC format. 

 Don’t be afraid to send us your story!